Daddy Stingray


The Legend of Daddy Stingray

Daddy Stingray lives in a cave nestled beneath a volcano.

He comes out every 15,000 years to bless mankind with his gift of song.

His music is inspired by the Gods of Creation and Chaos.

Without Daddy Stingray, the world you know would barely exist.

For the first time in history, this music has been captured on record.

Behold, the Sweet Talkin’ Symphony

The Legend Continues…

Wise men from civilizations older than ours have often received the prophecy of Daddy Stingray.

(A joy women have always understood.)

Now, ancient documents have been unearthed.

Revealing further secrets from the Gods of Chaos and Creation.

Our team has translated these arcane runes into music.

Creating a treasure map leading to A Fun and Happy Place


Let’s Spread Love All Over the Place!