Sweet Talkin’ Symphony

All Songs Written and Arranged by Dave Hoffman and Published © 2017 by Gorilla River LLC

Dave “Daddy Stingray” Hoffman: Vocals, Guitars, Banjo, Harmonica, Mandolin

Mike Montrey: Bass, Guitar on I Don’t Wanna Go to Work, Banjo on Fireplace Feeling

Vincent Pierce Smith: Drums, Percussion 

  1. Sweet Talkin’
  2. Don’t Be A Fool
  3. Worried About You
  4. I Don’t Wanna Go to Work
  5. Fireplace Feeling

Produced by: Mike Montrey

Engineered by: Jeff “Mudd” Mahajan

Mastered by John Seymour

Recorded 2017 at Brooksound Studios, Tinton Falls, NJ